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Bay-Tech is a Data Center leader.  As an early participant in the industry, we understand the technological challenges and the potential of next-generation data centers.


We are experts in new installation, maintenance, fit-ups and expansion. We also know what it takes to ensure that your electrical solution meets the most stringent standards for safety and quality assurance. We’re also an industry leader in providing comprehensive, detailed MOPs.


Bay-Tech is proud to have helped our clients protect the data of top companies in media, cloud, financial services, online retail and more.


  • Field Supervising

  • Project quoting

  • New installation

  • Fit-up

  • Maintenance

  • Shut downs

  • MOP (methods of procedure) writing – Industry Leader

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Efficiency and productivity (budgets, distribution of work streams, tools)

  • Safety & precision expertise

  • Electrical expertise for full commissioning process


Design, Installation and maintenance of:

  • N+2 level power infrastructures

  • DC Plants

  • UPS-Battery Cabinets

  • Rectifiers

  • Branch Circuit Panels

  • Colocation rooms


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